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Founder Case Study

Designing an Activist Community

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Re-Thinking Political Discourse

While in college at Emory University, I endeavored on multiple studies into political theory. During this time, we found that there is nearly zero correlation between votes casted in congress and national policy. This is largely due to corporate money note having a strong counterpoint since the breakup of the Unions throughout the 1980s and 1990s. 


So we set out to discover how might we remake the American political fabric by reintroducing a mechanism from which politicians could rely on for national fundraising outside of the corporate donor circuit.

Designing an Activist Community

Mimmer was a community that enabled people to learn about the various stances on issues and take a stand by crowdfunding Super Pacs, Lobbies, and Candidates that are actively supporting their specific view.

It started from observing the behaviors on social media around politics. We envisioned a nonpartisan community better suited for discourse and action.

The first challenge was to include engaging content alongside fundraising campaigns and initiatives started by NGOs and 501c(3)s.

We met with political leaders from both parties as well as current and former presidential campaign heads, governors, and lobbyists to learn what would be important to them.

We designed multiple iterations of the UI to create an experience that seamlessly weaved in various types of content and CTA while making it simple to learn about issues and find the organizations to support.